The perfect IT project is possible


For the last 10+ years, the focus of me career has been management of IT projects – I have done them all, from small websites and multimedia projects to wast portals and gigantic mainframe systems with budget going fromn tenth of thousands to millions of dollars.

I admit, some of them has gone down the tube, with budgets exceeding limit upon limit and deadline upon deadline that didn’t hold up. If you have managed projects for a couple of years, then you probably have experienced the exact same thing.

However – I have also managed project where everything seemed to click. Budgets were kept, deadlines were meet, the demands for the systems was delivered and the project ended up being a tremendous success.

On this site I’m gonna try and give you some insights in what has worked, and what hasn’t really worked in the projects that I have been doing up until today. I am also gonna try and give you a project model that I know for sure will work for IT projects -. I have used it, tuned it, turned it and then tuned it again, and if it is applied correctly, you should be able to meet the demands for the project or be able to stop the project earlier enough to save your self and the company a ton of money.

The project model, the tools and info on the site will undergo continues update, so stay tuned for the latest findings.